My next vacation destination

After returning home to San Francisco and resting for 11 days, I’m on the road again.

This time, I’m in Boulder, Colorado. 

The plan is to link up with my family, play 18-holes of disc golf, maybe hike the Flatirons, and knock out a couple extra activities while I’m here.

But then, the trip continues.

Because once I get a few days of face time with my siblings, I’m going on an adventure that’s been in the works for nearly a year.

You see, my dad is not only a world-class health marketer…

He’s also a pilot.

And he recently used profits from his biz to buy a small, single-engine plane called a “Piper Cherokee Six.”

So next weekend, the two of us are taking it for a jaunt. 

We’re flying the bird from Boulder to Banff in Alberta, Canada. And based on the pics I’ve Googled, I should be a spectacular flight filled with views of sapphire-blue lakes and snow-capped mountains.

We might even do a bit of fishing + camping once we get there.

And even though it’s gonna cost me about $1,200 in plane fuel (half the total bill), I have no doubt that it’ll be an experience I never forget.

But I’m getting ahead of myself…

Because before we take to the skies next weekend, I have to host Copy Dojo LIVE. And since I’m in Boulder, it’s the perfect opportunity to have my Pops on the show to share some of the marketing secrets he’s used to grow multiples 7-figure health businesses, including Ultimate Lifespan and RealDose Nutrition.

So if you’re a health copywriter (or have a health biz of your own), you’ll definitely want to catch tomorrow’s broadcast. Just sign up for Copywriter Conditioning, claim your free month of Copy Dojo coaching, and attend Copy Dojo LIVE tomorrow at 4pm EDT:

Your pen pal,

Matt Rizvi

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