My dog’s bucket list

I got some bad news on Friday.

After a morning trip to the vet, we learned that the lump on Sawyer’s nose — my 3.5-year-old German Shepherd mutt — isn’t the infection we hoped it was.

Instead, it’s likely cancer.

And unfortunately, there are few options.

Because cost aside, surgery would remove half his jaw and destroy his quality of life… while chemotherapy would also be a painful approach with low odds of success.

They sound awful.

So we’ve decided to pass on both options.

And instead, we’re going to spoil Sawyer to death by giving him the best-last days a doggy could ask for.

For instance, my wife and I started writing a “bucket list” for him that includes a week-long road trip to explore some of the top dog parks in America and also visit his distant cousins (aka my siblings’ dogs).

Because I want to make Sawyer as happy as he’s made me.

There’s not a mean bone in his body.

And I’m forever grateful to the Mid-Atlantic German Shepherd Rescue for taking him off the streets of Atlanta and giving him to us for the brief time we’ve had him.

That’s why I’m happy to recommend them.

And while I doubt you’ll ever find a dog as sweet-hearted as Sawyer, if you’re looking to rescue a puppy of your own (or simply want to donate to a good cause), then I hope you’ll consider MAGSR:

Your pen pal,

Matt Rizvi

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