How I became depression-proof

Recently, I’ve had reasons to mope.

My dog was diagnosed with cancer. I injured my ankle for 4 weeks. And tonight, my Washington Capitals were eliminated from the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

And while these things have done their best to keep me down…

I can’t help but feel grateful.

Because when I really think about it, I can’t deny that I’ve got a decent life.

For instance:

** I eat at Michelin-star restaurants.

** I work from home, but also travel whenever I get bored.

** No one yells at me if I sleep in till 10:30 on weekdays.

** Plus, I only work with clients that are straightforward, have stellar products, and pay well.

Now I’m not saying all this to brag.

Merely to say that becoming a freelance copywriter has allowed me to design the lifestyle of my choice.

And because I have that kind of freedom, it’s hard to complain — even when things take a turn for the worse.

And while freelancing isn’t everyone’s dream come true, if the life of an independent writer is what you’ve been longing for, then the 38 lessons inside Copywriter Conditioning can help you get there:

Your pen pal,

Matt Rizvi

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