Buck Rizvi spills 7-figure sales secrets

Oh, the weather outside is frightful.

Because after enjoying temperatures in the mid 60’s yesterday, a cold front swept through Boulder and now, the lawn, trees, and chicken coup are all covered in snow.

So instead of biking to the gym today (as I planned), I stayed in doors and got a healthy dose of work done.

For instance, I recorded the 48th episode of Copy Dojo LIVE today.

And on the broadcast, I interviewed someone who’s been a mentor to me since Day 1: 

Buck Rizvi (aka my dad).

But he’s more than just my old man…

He’s also a skilled Internet marketer who’s launched multiple 7-figure businesses in the health and MMO niches.

So on today’s call, I finally got him to share — on camera — some of his best secrets and stories, including:

** How he met copywriting legend, Gary Halbert, and paid him $15k to write a blockbuster health promotion (plus, how Dojo members can “swipe” it for free)

** The special way Gary “delivered” the copy to guarantee it packed a punch (and why you should do this with your clients too)

** An unpopular entrepreneurship tip for those with a cushy 9-5 job

** Why we live in a “Golden Age” for cheap list-building because of __________ (NOT email, Facebook, or Google)

** The #1 way for noobie copywriters to make an impression on top-tier clients

** How he’d launch an online biz today if he was starting from scratch

** The BIG marketing challenge facing health companies right now (and how to overcome it)

** How the tone of good copy is moving away from sales-y hype (and turning to THIS instead)

And as always with my Copy Dojo guests, my pops was nice enough to drop his email address for those on the call who wanted to follow up.

Now, if you couldn’t make the call (or you’re not a Dojo member yet), then it’s not too late.

I’m sending around the replay tomorrow at 12:00pm Eastern Time.

So if you’d like to watch my latest broadcast (and get access to the full 13+ hours of audio / video / PDF training inside my course), then make sure you sign up for Copywriter Conditioning and claim your free month of Copy Dojo coaching BEFORE tomorrow at noon:


Your pen pal,

Matt Rizvi

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